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An intelligent system acts as a building’s central nervous system, constantly watching and monitoring local conditions, controlling ventilation and heating. It is ready to respond automatically to an external threat, such as an intruder, and is able to use gathered experience or building data to consciously optimise performance.

Intelligent building systems (IBS) use data from design (together with sensed data) to automatically configure, controls and commission and operate buildings. Control systems use advanced, robust techniques and are based on smaller, less expensive, and much more abundant sensors. These data ensure optimal building performance by enabling control of building systems in an integrated manner and continuously recommissioning them using automated tools that detect and diagnose performance anomalies and degradation. Intelligent building systems optimize operation across building systems, inform and implement energy purchasing, guide maintenance activities, document and report building performance, and optimally coordinate on-site energy generation with building energy demand and the electric power grid, while ensuring that occupant needs for comfort, health, and safety were met at the lowest possible cost.

The services offered are:
  • Customized Design & Specification
  • Costing, Tendering & Bid Evaluation
  • Project Management & Co-ordination
  • Performance Testing and Handling over
  • LEED Design & Commissioning
  • Facility Management Guidance
We evaluate operational conditions and put in place procedures to ensure plant and BMS and other service/systems are maintained and set up to maximise energy efficiency, including whole-life cycle commissioning and risk-based maintenance strategies.
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