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Our security solutions enable our clients to maximize their IT and infrastructure investments, increase productivity and effectively protect and manage employees, assets, property and resources. Chubb Alba, as a total electronic security, fire detection and building & personnel management solutions provider, delivers some of the most comprehensive and flexible integrated solutions in the market today. With our wealth of resources and expertise, Chubb Alba is able to draw on our experience in customized System design, engineered to highest industrial standards, project management, personnel development and training to provide seamless coverage for our customers and meet today's ever-changing security needs.

We provide cutting edge, state of the art access control hardware and software that delivers maximum protection, versatility, simple operation and cost efficiency using open architecture. Whether utilizing our industry defining Total Security Platform, stand alone solution, or any number of our intelligent system controllers, readers, or input/output modules – We incorporate the most advanced technologies available and has built our reputation as the India’s number one provider of electronic access control on the promise of delivering the most innovative access control solutions for installations of any size.

Employing a number of flexible and dynamic video solutions, We offer a full range of products to meet the needs of the marketplace. From stand alone offerings that marry robustness with usability - to the fully integrated Video Management, a solution that can handle the rigors and sophistication of enterprise video – We have the tailor-made solution to meet your installation’s needs.


Video security requires more than simply combining hardware with software. It is the creative implementation of an intelligent blend of unique technology tailored to the exact needs of an organization’s visual security requirements. Breakthrough technologies such as IP Video, video analytics   and ultra-secure network communications give organizations unparalleled flexibility and control. We Provide video solutions of all sizes offer intricate alarm integration, investigative analytics, event-driven recording, and total system management.
Our range of addressable fire alarm systems helps in detecting fire early, wherein all loop devices in the system are individually addressed to provide the panel with absolute unique identification of each device. Manufactured from quality-tested components, these addressable fire alarm systems are known for its quality and high utility. Moreover, our addressable fire alarm systems can be integrated along with building management system, CCTV and Access Control systems ensuring total safety and security at one central monitoring station.

In today’s ever-changing business environment, companies’ exposure to security risks is higher than ever, and business managers are often faced with the challenge of figuring out their security needs. With Chubb Alba customized Integrated Security Solutions, businesses could combine different electronic security elements to suit individual security requirements.
Think of a service and maintenance contract for your security system as the equivalent to combined regular servicing and breakdown cover on your car. The type of service you would choose for your car depends on the age and type of car you drive, as well as the last service it had. A service and maintenance contract works in a similar way. We offer a range of service options to suit a wide range of security systems, whether they be Intruder, CCTV, Access Control or a combination of all three.
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